Friday, August 24, 2012

Re-Treat Yourself!- MDS Blog Hop

Welcome to the MDS Blog Hop!  This week we were to create a postcard.  This week was perfect for a postcard because I needed to make an invitation for a Stamping Retreat I am having in October and knew this would make me get it done!  Here is the front:

And here is the back:

This was my first attempt at sub way style art and it was so easy in MDS2 because of the text tracking.  The hardest part was coming up with the words I wanted to use!  I kept the design pretty simple, because the words have such an impact and I wanted the people to focus on them.  (Don't even ask what fonts I used....I just randomly clicked on fonts in my file as I went!)  

I am excited for this weekend in October and know we will have a great time! 

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Lori said...

I LOVE your subway Retreat Art! Is here any way that you would send me a copy? I have a retreat coming up in 2 weeks, this would be AWESOME to post!