Friday, November 11, 2011

Remembering-MDS Blog Hop

It's week 15 of the My Digital Studio Blog Hop!  This week our theme was remembrance.  It is kind of a perfect theme for my family today, because it is the fourth anniversary of my Mama passing away.

I knew I wanted to make a page with her in it, but I just had to find a picture with her in it.  I found this one.  It is a picture taken at my husband and I's wedding.  This is a very simple page, but thought it needed to be that way so your focus is on the picture. (click on the page to make it bigger)     

Are you ready to hop on over to the next blog? The easiest way to do so is to click on the name right below mine, so that would be Mandy and then from her blog hop on over to Julie's blog and so on until you have hopped a full circle back to here!


Holly VanDyne said...

What a beautiful page, Rochelle! I love it! :)

Julie - Kewlstamps said...

luv it :-)

Wendie said...

such a beautiful layout

Marlena M. said...

Such a precious memory and photo. Thank you for sharing that with us. ;)