Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cute Soccer Kids

I made these cards to sell at the show I was recently at. I knew I had to make a few Soccer cards, seeing is how everyone and their brother (or sister) is playing soccer this time of year!

Looking through my stamp sets, I found that the All in the Family Accessories stamp set was the only one I had with any sort of soccer anything in it! So that is what I used! I think the cards came out cute! I was sooo careful while I was making these cards, because I didn't want to smudge any of the black ink on any of the white paper!

Here is a close up of the girl soccer player. I drew in the shin guards on her legs and the cleats on her shoes, because you can't play soccer without those two things.

The All in the Family stamp set is so fun to create people with and with the Accessories, you can have more fun with them!

Thanks for looking!

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Mike said...

oh! your work is really nice!