Thursday, October 9, 2014

Home and Party Decor MDS Style- MDS Blog Hop

Welcome to the MDS Blog Hop!  This week we are showing you home decor and/or party decor.

I don't have a new project to show you but a few projects I have made in the past that fit our theme.

First is a "Welcome Back" banner I made for my sisters school to welcome back teachers to the new school year. 

Next is a "First Year Picture Timeline" I made for my daughters first birthday.  This was fun to make and look back through the first year of her life.

Next is a banner I made using MDS to print out the DSP in the colors I wanted and then made a banner out of them for a cake topper.

Here is a flammable piece that I made using MDS.  I printed out the tree trunk and the typed Happy First Fathers Day part and then added my daughters hand prints for the leaves. 

I think that gives you a few different ideas as what you can do with MDS.  Now lets see what Wendy has for us!


beth rush said...

Great projects Rochelle! I really love that first year timeline, what a great idea!

curtis03 Lewis said...

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