Wednesday, February 27, 2013

An Album Full of Paintings- MDS Blog Hop

It's the fourth Wednesday of the month and that means the MDS Blog Hop crew is back with another hop for you!!  This is our second hop of February, so we showing you various projects we have been working in (or in my case this week, a project that I make a few months back, but never posted on my blog!)!!  Be sure and check out our NEW Pinterest page too!!  We have ALL of our pages and/or projects each design team member has made since we started in January pinned!!  Check it out here and make sure to follow us!

My Grandma is an amazing water color artist and she is getting older and has not been bale to paint in years.  My family decided it would be a great idea to try to get all the pictures of paintings she has painted in her career and put them in a book so each family member, including her, could have a copy.  To get all the pictures in digital form so I could use MDS to make a book we had to scan all the photographs of the pictures we had of the paintings.  Here is the finished product:



The to make the cover and the back of the album I simply created various shapes and sizes of photo boxes and filled them all with different paintings my Grandma painted.  Then I filled a square punch as big as the page with Whisper White and put it over the pictures and changed the opacity real low so the pictures were muted just enough for the title to pop.

Opening page
 Here is the first page you see when you open the album.  We found a picture of her painting and knew it was perfect as a trubute page in the beginning of the album.

A few sample pages of the 86 page album

I decided to go with a simple dark grey background with a small textured print for every page so the paintings would be the main focal point of the 12x12 album.

This was a different kind of project that I usually make because it didn't include any embellishments or layers, but this album will be cherished by us all forever and I am glad I had MDS to make it easy to make!

Are you ready to hop on over to the next blog? The easiest way to do so is to click on the thumbnail right after mine, so that would be Aly and then from her blog hop on over to Mandy's blog and so on until you have hopped a full circle back to here!  This month's guest blogger is Cori Kozak, so make sure to check out what she has made as well!

Thanks for stopping by and see you in 2 weeks for our first March hop!



Cindy Schuster said...

This is fantastic! What a wonderful way to capture your Grandmother's paintings all in one album. What a treasure to have!

Wendie Waldman said...

What a wonderful way to document a wonderful talent that obviously has been passed down the generations. Her paintings are just beautiful. I love the fox, and have the pleasure of watching them in our yard every once in a while.

Susan Mac Donald said...

what a beautiful & thoughtful project; but, most of all, what a honour it would be to have a painting from the artist! TFS your magnificant MDS work; it shows you really enjoy your program.