Friday, August 3, 2012

Thank You- MDS Blog Hop One Year Anniversary

Welcome to the MDS Blog Hop!  This s a special week here, it is our one year anniversary!  So we are making cards of any kind.  I do not make many cards on MDS (to be honest, they kind of intimidate me for some reason!) but I really want to start making more and then have them printed and ready to mail away when I need one.
(click on the card to see it bigger!)

Here is the card I made.  I really had NO idea where I was going with this one, but it turned out ok.  I used a few of the new MDS2 features on the card.  Can you see the leaves have a little bit of a shadow on them?  That is the new color-stamps-whatever-you-want feature (awesome)! And then do you see the text zig-zagging along the bottom?  That is also a new feature called attach text to a shape (awesome again!!)!

I am thinking about printing this card out and making it a hybrid card by adding real ribbon and pearls.

Since it is our anniversary we are offering YOU a challenge!  We would love to see you create a "celebration-ish" card on MDS or MDS2 and post it to and tag it "MDS Blog Hop Challenge Card".  Then we will go check them all out!

Are you ready to hop on over to the next blog? The easiest way to do so is to click on the name right below mine, so that would be Mandy and then from her blog hop on over to Julie's blog and so on until you have hopped a full circle back to here! 


Holly VanDyne said...

There is no "turned out OK" about this card, it is stunningly beautiful, Rochelle! I may have to CASE this one! LOVE the chevron in the back and the "vellum" with the Thank You! It's perfect!

Julie D said...

This is a really nice card, Rochelle! Anyone who receives it will be very lucky!

Julie - Kewlstamps said...

Stinkin' Cute is all that comes to mind :-)