Friday, April 6, 2012

First Easter- MDS Blog Hop

Welcome to the MDS Blog Hop!  This week our theme is Easter!  I created a 12x12 page that I will add pictures to after we take them on Sunday (the light grey boxes are where the pictures will go).  (click on the page to see it bigger!) 

It will be so nice to just to have to add pictures and a few more embellishments and my page will be complete!  This page was really easy to put together....I used the 12x12 template from the On the Go Digital kit and just used different DSP and embellishments to make it more Easter-ish.  I am really excited to take pictures and then put then in my page!  I will update this post when I have the page done.

Alright, here are the pages with pictures in them!  I did two...couldn't decide what one I liked better...the one with just Hannah and and the basket or the one with Mommy, Daddy and Hannah?!  What one do you like best? 

Are you ready to hop on over to the next blog? The easiest way to do so is to click on the name right below mine, so that would be Mandy and then from her blog hop on over to Julie's blog and so on until you have hopped a full circle back to here! 

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Wendie said...

Just so very sweet. Have a lovely Easter.