Friday, May 22, 2009

Fringing Ribbon (and adding it to a Graduation Cap for a Tassel)

Here is a piece of fringed ribbon. It can be used for many thing in paper crafting. A few of the things I have used it for is hair and a tassel for a Graduation Cap I made.

Things you will need are some grosgrain ribbon in the color of your choice and a pair of small scissors.

1. Cut a length of ribbon off your roll. Then cut one of the finished edges off of the whole length of the ribbon.

2. Next pull the fibers from the ribbon away from the finished edged you didn't cut off.

3. You should now have two pieces. They should look like this. You can throwaway the one on the left. The fibers (on the right) are what we will be needing.

4. Now take your fibers and tie them into a knot closer to one side.

If you are using the fringed ribbon for hair or something else besides a tassel for a Graduation cap, you are done! Just add to your project!
(I would love to see what you made, leave a comment and a link to your project and I will check it out!

5. Now take your Graduation Cap and punch a hole in the middle for the brad. Don't poke it all the way through. Take your fringed ribbon and wrap it around your brad and then secure your brad. The brad should hold your ribbon in, just make sure you wrapped it around the brad tightly.

6. Here is what it should look like. Notice the extra fringed ribbon sticking out of the brad on top of the hat? Cut it off using some little sharp scissors.

7. Here is what it should look like as a finished product.

If you have any questions, please let me know!


lifesabeach32940 said...

WOW!! You are AWESOME!! Thank you for posting this ... I would have never figured it out!! :) Judy

Rose said...

What a great tutorial, Rochelle! I'm gonna have to try that now...I've got a TON of grosgrain ribbon in all kinds of colors!

Ann said...

What a great idea!!

KatieTurtle said...

Great tutorial! Thanks!